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Real Estate Consulting

Principles Realty Group provides an investor-friendly data-driven approach to finding, analyzing, understanding and transacting multi family properties. We provide a full range of analytical tools, market research, and experience to help you make informed investment decisions as well as increase profitability.

Principles Realty Group Albany NY

Market Analysis and Trending

PRG has a very solid understanding of the local market, allowing us to provide our customers with the real-time and historical data needed to make well-informed investment decisions. Types of Market Analysis we specialize in include:

  • Comparative and Market Analysis

  • Market Demographics

  • Economic Trends

  • Buyer & Seller Trends

  • Tenant Affordability Analysis

  • Absorption Rates 

Analyzing the data

Basic and Advanced Analysis and Modeling

PRG offers a wide variety of financial analysis and modeling. These services include:

Basic Financial Analysis:

  • Cap rate analysis comparing and trending

  • Gross Rent Multiples

  • Cash on Cash

  • Debt Service

  • Forecasted Revenue and Expenses

Advanced Financial Analysis:

  • Stress Test

  • IRR

  • Equity Multiples

  • Discounted Cash Flow

  • Loan Constants

  • Capital Budgeting

Other Types of Analysis:

  • Property Analysis

  • Valuations

  • Risk Analysis

  • Acquisition and Exit Strategy

Signing a Contract

Fully Customizable Consulting Solutions

PRG wants to customize its products and services to tailor to each client's specific needs. Whether you are looking for your first multi-family property or you are a full-time investor, PRG can provide the tools that will help you succeed.


We are strategists who help develop and customize plans designed for improvement and sustainability. Once the plan has been developed, our focus shifts to the implementation an execution of that plan, measuring our results along the way. 

Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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