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Guided by Core Principles

Ask any experienced real estate investor and they’ll tell you the same thing: It’s a known fact that not all real estate agents are created equal. Principles Realty Group is here to help close that gap and assist with the buying, selling and transacting multi family properties in and around Albany NY.  Our core principles of honesty, integrity and quality are a part of our fabric.

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry specializing in the management of residential and commercial properties, our company provides the services needed to ensure the desired outcome.  Whether you’re a seasoned investor or you’re looking for your first income property, we want to assist you with the process.  We go the extra mile with every customer by offering consultations and customized guidance to ensure success. We value our relationships with our customers above all.


From legal to general maintenance questions, PRG can help point you in the right direction.  We leverage our extensive personal contacts and resources built over several years of working with rental properties and investors. 

Our Mission is to Help You Succeed

Our mission to help you succeed. Integrity, honesty, and full transparency are part of the core of our company values. Our focus is on providing quality service: listening to the needs of our clients, developing a strategy, and executing a plan.  We provide the information and education needed so that our clients can feel confident about their investment decisions.

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