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Property Management

Principles Realty Group is an Operations Specialist. A skilled and qualified Operator can increase the value of real estate through forced appreciation – and that is exactly what PRG does – we add value! How do we do this? By implementing systems and processes that improve occupancy, increase revenues, and decrease expenses.


Our mission remains to obtain full customer satisfaction while improving operating efficiencies. It's never an easy job, but we feel that we do it better than any of our competitors. PRG develops a customized approach for asset management depending on the needs and goals of both the asset and the client.


Our Property Management services include, but are not limited to the following:

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Albany, NY

Principles Realty Group (PRG) provides Property Management services in Albany NY and the surrounding area. Our leadership team has over a decade of experience managing both residential and commercial multi family properties of all sizes. 

Principles Realty Group Albany NY

Rent Collection

PRG keeps it simple by accepting multiple forms of payment including, but not limited to electronic ACH and credit card payments. Tenants simply log onto their portal each month to make a payment, or setup a recurring monthly draw from their bank account or credit card.

Principles Realty Group Albany NY

Move in/out Inspections

In this business, documentation is critical. It is in the best interest of all parties to make sure that the condition of the unit is documented before and after a tenancy, so in the event that questions come up later, we all have something to refer back to. PRG is very thorough throughout this process.

Principles Realty Group Albany NY

Vacancy Management &


PRG's goal is to maximize rents while reducing any loss in rents. Our proactive approach to marketing will ensure maximum listing exposure and improved turnaround time between tenants. This ultimately reduces the vacancy factor and helps minimize any loss in rents.

Multi Family Lease Managemet

Lease Management

Not all leases are created equal. Having a well written lease is only part of the equation; it’s imperative that the lease be properly enforced so that the precedent and expectations will be set going forward.

Principles Realty Group Albany NY

Routine Inspections

Our plans and pricing are flexible and designed to meet the customer and asset needs, allowing us to customize our approach to ensure customer satisfaction and quality control. The frequency can vary based on our client, but our goal here is to ensure that the property is being well taken care of as well as minimize any deferred maintenance. 

Principles Realty Group Albany NY

Tenant Placement

Property Management is a difficult business. There is a saying in the industry that a vacancy can be a delight compared to a difficult tenant – this speaks volumes to the importance of tenant screening. PRG takes a multiple step approach when screening any tenant to ensure that the work is being on the front end, so that our owners happy and that we create a comfortable living situation for all tenants.

Principles Realty Group Albany NY


PRG handles all types of maintenance related requests. It is our goal to make sure that maintenance issues are handled timely, protecting the integrity of the asset while also keeping the customer happy. This includes not only timely responses to maintenance issues, but putting in place the proper plan to address preventative maintenance so that the asset continues to perform at optimal levels while keeping expenses intact.

Principles Realty Group Albany NY


PRG offers a wide variety of reporting ranging from rent rolls, balance sheets, and income statements to work order reporting. Clients and tenants have full access to the portal allowing them to pull reports at any time. Our analysts can also provide a series of more customized advanced financial or operational reports upon request. This allows for full transparency for our customers. 

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