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Multi-Family Broker in Albany NY

Principles Realty Group is an investor-focused real estate broker in Albany NY. An “investor” may include a first-time purchaser, or an individual or group who is more seasoned and sophisticated on the subject, and everything in between. As the name suggests, the business is rooted in its core founding principles of honesty, integrity and quality.

What Are Multi Family Properties?

Multifamily housing is characterized by having multiple units in a single building or connected by shared walls. PRG defines multifamily as any building or site that includes two apartment units and up – this can range from a duplex to an apartment complex or high rise, and everything in between.

Depending on the size of the property, the process to purchase a multifamily property can differ from that of a single-family residential home. The lender is more likely to focus on the buildings cash flows than the individual or group purchasing the property during the approval process. How profitable a multifamily property is can be improved by increasing rents, reducing expenses, and improving occupancy.

Multifamily properties are a great investment opportunity as they offer cash flow, principal paydown or amortization, appreciation, and tax shelter.


Let the real estate brokers at Principles Realty Group help you buy and sell your next multifamily or commercial property. Take advantage of our team’s vast of array of real estate knowledge, network, financial analysis, due diligence, and creative deal structuring. We can help you buy and sell apartment buildings and duplexes right here in Albany, NY.


How To Buy & Sell Multi Family Properties

The team at PRG can help you when it comes to buying and selling multifamily properties. PRG uses a methodical approach when working with their clients to help them achieve their goals. 

Whether buying or selling multifamily properties, PRG knows the right questions to ask. Each and every client has their own specific criteria unique to their situation. The team at PRG are masters at gathering relevant information, and preparing a plan suited to achieve their client’s needs.

When representing a multifamily purchase, once the property has been identified, PRG will then start to structure the deal and negotiate the terms. Due diligence is a critical part of any multifamily purchase, and the experts at PRG will facilitate this process from start to finish. PRG will also introduce it’s clients to their vast network ranging from attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and property managers ensuring a seamless transaction.

PRG relies heavily on its expertise and industry knowledge when selling multifamily and apartment buildings. Our analysis, preparation, and presentation is what sets us apart – we know the product, and are able to speak to the narrative and answer questions as they come our way.

The real estate agents at Principles Realty Group can help you review commercial real estate investment opportunities. Whether it be a duplex or apartments for sale in Albany, NY we can help you locate the right investment opportunity to add to your portfolio.





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