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Multi-Family Broker in Albany NY

Whether you are buying or selling, Principles Realty Group provides an investor-friendly data-driven approach to finding, analyzing, and transacting multi family homes in Albany NY.  Because every deal is different, we take a customized approach to ensure you have the confidence to make an informed decision.  We mix a passion for numbers with robust models to produce high quality analysis.


Capital Region, NY

Principles Realty Group (PRG) is an investor-friendly real estate brokerage located in the Albany NY area. The owner and staff at PRG have a passion for real estate, specifically multi family and apartment buildings, that is extremely unique and rare in this marketplace. The company was founded based on market feedback that the area lacked an Investment Property Specialist, and that this segment of the market had been under-served over the years. Our goal is to provide a service that you didn't know existed, and then have you ask yourself "how did I ever live without it?"


Due Diligence

PRG does not cut any corners when it comes to due diligence. The due diligence process for multi family and apartment buildings can be much more exhaustive than residential real estate - this is where having an experienced and specialized Investment Property Specialist pays dividends. At PRG, we know what questions to ask, and what documentation is needed in order for our clients to make well informed decisions. 


Property Listings

PRG takes the time required to properly price and market all of our listings. If you are looking to list your property, it's important that you hire the right agency in doing so. Having specialized in investment properties in various capacities for a decade, we not only know what it takes to sell an apartment building, but it's important that we educate our clients and explain our methodologies along the way. PRG's industry expertise allows us to provide informative and productive consultations, make thoughtful recommendations, and help prepare and execute a game plan that allows our clients to achieve their desire end goal. 


Analysis and Modeling

There are many terms for investment properties: 

multi family, apartment buildings, investment properties, and income producing property are just a few. Regardless of the name, knowing and understanding the math involved to properly analyze a deal is critical. PRG believes that investment property valuations are much less subjective that residential real estate, and this is exactly why we are so passionate about what we do. If you know how to do the math, the math will tell you what to do. 


Property Search and Selection

Whether you are an experienced investor or looking for your first investment property, the process can be overwhelming. It's important that you start to build the right team and where better to start than with an Investment Property Specialist. We want to serve our clients - this means spending the necessary time with our customers answering questions, educating them, and getting an full understanding of their goals. Proper property selection requires a specific skill set - as Investment Property Specialists we know the numbers and what questions to ask along the way so that our customers can make informed decisions.


Exit Strategy

An exit strategy should be a consideration of any investor, whether you are buying or selling, a seasoned investor or first-time buyer. PRG can offer suggestions and ideas along the way, as well as put you in touch with the right professionals who specialize in all the various disciplines - legal, tax, etc. 

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